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The die-cutting methods of circular die-cutting machines are generally divided into hard cutting method and soft cutting method, both of which have their own advantages. The editor of this article will first talk to you about the advantages of circular die-cutting machines:

DP-A4874 Circular Die Cutting Machine

1. High production efficiency. Printing and die-cutting are connected at a speed of 350-400m/mln.

2. Good die-cutting quality. Circular pressure circular die-cutting is a line contact method with low working pressure. Products have good forming stability, accurate geometric shape, and size.

3. Long service life. The circular die cutting roller can be polished three times. After each grinding, it can also run 10 million revolutions, which is much higher than other die cutting methods.

4. Wide application range. Circular die-cutting can be combined with offset printing machines, gravure printing machines, flexographic printing machines, and other printing die-cutting production lines. In addition, film and metal foil are the fastest growing packaging and printing materials, which also brings new opportunities for circular die-cutting machines.

5. High die-cutting accuracy. The circular die-cutting machine is equipped with high-precision registration devices and die-cutting phase adjustment devices, which can achieve quite high die-cutting accuracy. The tension control system for feeding paper through web can improve the positioning accuracy of printing, die-cutting, and indentation.

6. Save paper. The circular die-cutting of the connecting line adopts a roll feeding method, which eliminates the need to leave the mouth and trailing position during layout, and can be continuously cross arranged, saving about 6% of the paper. For enterprises such as cigarette printing factories, the cost savings are very considerable.

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