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Application of die cutting machine on packaging



  Today, Xiaobian focuses on the application of die-cutting machine on packaging. Die-cutting machine is mainly used for die-cutting, indentation and cold-pressing work of trademarks, cartons, greeting cards, etc. in the paper packaging and decoration industry. Important equipment for post-press packaging processing.

  Types of die-cutting machines Die-cutting machines are mainly divided into three types: round pressing, round pressing and flat pressing. According to the form of the template placement, it can be divided into vertical and horizontal. Manual and automatic according to the degree of automation. In terms of function, in addition to die-cutting, there is a hot stamping function, which is called a hot stamping die-cutting machine, and some have an automatic stripping function, which is called a stripping die-cutting machine. The circular die-cutting machine features wire contact, low die-cutting pressure and high production efficiency. It can be connected with offset printing machines, flexo presses, gravure presses and other printing equipment for in-line die-cutting, so the application range is wide. .

  Operators should pay attention to dust and clean. In actual production, a large amount of waste paper edge and paper hair will be produced when die-cutting the carton. If you pay attention, you will enter the chain transmission part, the die-cutting part moving platform and some rotating motion parts, and may block the photoelectric detection head, etc. , causing a malfunction. Therefore, it is necessary to put the cleaning work of the die-cutting machine in the first place, and then ensure that the machine runs without trouble.