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Things to watch out for when operating the paper cutter



  The paper cutter greatly simplifies our work, but it also carries certain risks and operates according to the regulations:

  1. It is necessary for the paper cutter to be used by a full-time staff for custody. Unauthorized personnel are not allowed to operate privately.

  2. When you go to work, you must first dress neatly according to the safety requirements of production and wipe the paper-cutting table surface cleanly. The table top is ash-free and oil-free, ensuring that the paper is white and flawless.

  3. Before starting the paper cutting every day, it is necessary to check the photoelectric safety device once, and only recognize that the operation is reliable, then it can be put into production.

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  4. The paper cutting table is not allowed to place steel rulers, hand labor, bolts, gaskets and other metal products to prevent major accidents.

  5. In order to ensure the quality of the cutting paper, the blade should be changed frequently. When replacing, the special knife holder should be used to prevent the knife from hurting. When replacing the blade, the machine should block the power supply.

  6. It is necessary to replace the blade to be sharpened with a special wood plate to fix the blade. The blade is not allowed to be exposed around the plate to avoid falling and hurting people.

  7. Every day, the paper cutting table should be cleaned, and then waxed or rust-proof.

  8. In case of computer or electrical problems, non-related personnel may not view the repairs in private.

  9. Adhere to the smoothness of the machine. Check the oil level of the smooth oil pump before going to work. Press the handle of the oil pump a few times by hand and grease the smooth points once a week.

  10. At the end of the operation, turn off the main power of the machine before leaving.

  11. It is strictly forbidden to drink and take illegal drugs to work.

  The paper cutter is a traditional product that is used to handle the cutting needs of paper in the later stages of printing. From the development of mechanical paper cutters to tape-controlled paper cutters, the development of microcomputer-based program control, color display, full-image operation guidance visualization processing and computer-aided cutting external programming and editing of production data cutting system, so that production preparation time Shorter, higher cutting accuracy, lower labor intensity, and safer operation.