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The use of die cutting machine and its function



  As China's domestic market and overseas related infrastructure are important for developing countries, the importance of civil technology, the global manufacturing industry has been in an evolving stage and is an integral part of related material processing, including For each type of material, the die-cutting machine has become an important set of equipment during the cutting process.

  What is a die-cutting machine? A die-cutting machine refers to a wide-roll material that reduces longitudinal grooving equipment. Each industry has cutting equipment that is relevant to their material properties. Now we have a classification from use.

  A section of a metal coil (such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel, iron, copper and other materials), mainly used in the metal processing industry (stainless steel products factory, steel market operators, rolling mills, electronics, automotive, stamping industry); leather , fabrics, plastics, films and other materials related to the industry section.

  For paper cutting, this must be considered in the paper packaging industry, as such devices are common on the market because of the general consumer goods. Metal cutting machine features: from the uncoiler (unwinder), straightening machine. Reference material positioning, cutting equipment (grooving equipment) winders (stackers) and other components. Its main function is to set the width, the length of the feed roller is cut into a narrow coil has a certain scale, in order to prepare for other future processing. Advantages of metal cutting machine: reasonable layout, simple operation, high degree of automation, high efficiency, high working precision, processing various rolls, hot rolled coil, silicon steel plate, stainless steel plate, color steel, aluminum and post-plating or post-coating Various metal roller watches.