The cause of the cutter size no and how to adjust
Date:2022-03-17 Source: Dapeng Machinery Size:Larger  Normal  Samll

Reasons for inaccurate size of the paper cutting machine and how to adjust it:

1、 Reasons for inaccurate size of paper cutting machines

After the paper cutter is powered on for a long time, parts of the mechanical components are prone to wear and screws are prone to loosening. These small issues can lead to inaccurate dimensions, resulting in differences between the actual cutting size and the set size. To solve this problem, adjustments and corrections are necessary, and data adjustments can usually be made using the set mode. Of course, it may also be an issue with the encoder, so you can ask the manufacturer to coordinate and handle it.

Paper cutting machine

2、 Adjusting the size of the paper cutter

1. Turn on the power and follow the instructions on the screen to ensure that the machine is powered on normally.

2. After connecting the tool power normally, do not hastily move the paper clip and measure the length between the tool and the paper clip.

3. Click on the function button of the paper cutter to enter the setting mode. Usually, a password is required for operation.

4. Select the "Set Mechanical Datum" option according to the displayed prompt, and you can input the distance length between the tool measured in the stage and the tool into the "New Datum" box. After confirming the modification, exit the function setting screen. This way, the size of a typical paper cutter is ready. The next step is to conduct a small amount of testing.

5. There is no function setting for small manual operation. You can also cut the sample first according to the size of the base plate, and if the size is suitable, cut a large amount.