QZYK660E-10 Touch Screen

QZYK660E-10 Touch Screen
Product details

1. The paper pressing, cutting, and feeding system of this product has a high degree of automation, with a cutting height of 10 centimeters, higher cutting accuracy, fast cutting speed, and durability. At the same time, the design structure is user-friendly, and the operation process is both safe and easy. The paper feeding system adopts a dual guide rail integrated slotless chrome plated workbench, which is matched with a linear guide rail and a ball screw to ensure the positioning accuracy of the paper feeder under high-speed operation. The compression structure of the double pull rod and the cutting knife are both hydraulically driven, with infinitely adjustable pressure and a wide range of pressure adjustment, ensuring the pressure requirements for cutting various types of paper. Equipped with infrared light control, cutting two hand buttons, optical tool alignment and other technical devices, it ensures the safety and convenience of operators. The product meets European safety standards and has passed European CE certification. This series of products is suitable for cutting various types of paper such as carbon free paper, coated paper, gray board paper, photo albums, etc., especially suitable for use in government agencies, schools, and graphic advertisements.

2. 10 inch TFT color touch screen: This series of programmable computer displays adopt a 10 inch industrial human-machine interface. The main components of the computer are American industrial grade chips, with a multilingual operation interface, and equipped with an electronic handwheel, making user operation more user-friendly. It can achieve self fault diagnosis function and animated operation mode display. The programming capacity reaches 200 groups, with each program group having 200 different positions for cutting data. The data is stored in memory for over 300000 hours, ensuring reliability and stability. The paper feeding motor adopts an imported Japanese AC digital servo control system.

Technical parameter

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Max cutting width


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Max cutting height


Main motor power


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Machine width


Packing size (LxWxH)


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