QZK1300F-10 Paper Cutting Machine

QZK1300F-10 Paper Cutting Machine
Product details

1、 Machine structure and introduction

1. 10 inch servo computer: This series of programmable computers adopts a 10 inch (TFT) true color LCD screen as the display screen, and the main chip of the computer adopts a CPU produced by AMD Company in the United States. It has a dual language operation interface, and has self diagnosis function and animation operation mode display. The programming capacity reaches 200 groups, each program group has 200 different positions to cut data, and the data memory storage time reaches 300000 hours, thereby ensuring reliability and stability. The paper feeding is controlled by a servo motor, combined with a high-precision ball screw feeding structure. The paper feeding speed is 6-12 meters/minute, and the positioning accuracy is 0.05mm.

2. Dual guide rail paper feeding system: The paper pushing system adopts a linear guide rail and ball screw, which is wear-resistant and has strong impact resistance.

3. Safety protection system: The machine adopts safety devices such as light control safety devices, synchronous button operation for cutting action with both hands, and electronic knife lock single cycle cutting to protect operators from safe operation.

4. Overload protection device and safe and fast tool changing method

5. Blade ejection device

6. Workbench chrome treatment: The surfaces of the workbench and side panels are treated with chrome to enhance surface smoothness and accuracy.

7. Copper gas beads on the work platform: The entire work platform is evenly distributed with gas beads, making paper feeding work more convenient and easy.

8. Heavy duty resin sand body, without warping.

9. Special electronic knife lock: providing safety factor and improving production efficiency

10. Optical tool line lamp device, providing production efficiency.

12. Cutting system adopts extremely wear-resistant worm gear reduction drive and electromagnetic clutch to control.

13. Quality Standard: The quality of this series of paper cutting machines meets the Chinese mechanical industry standard JB/T 8115-2010

Technical parameter



Max cutting width


Max cutting  length


Max cutting height


Main motor power


Cutting speed




Width of machine with sideway


Width of machine without sideway






Smallest cut without false clamp


Smallest cut with false clamp


Knife thickness


Packing size (LxWxH)