How to safely use the hydraulic paper cutter knives
Date:2021-01-14 Source: Dapeng Machinery Size:Larger  Normal  Samll

The technical level of hydraulic paper cutting machines is mainly reflected in the cutting accuracy, accuracy maintenance, quality stability, and convenience of operation of the paper cutting machine. The editor of this article will talk to you about how to safely use the cutting tools of hydraulic paper cutting machines:

QZYK680DW-7 Programmable Paper Cutting Machine

Hydraulic paper cutting machine is one of the essential mechanical equipment for various printing machines, and its main function is to cut paper. This type of mechanical automation equipment not only liberates labor workers but also significantly improves efficiency. The hydraulic paper cutting machine mainly relies on the installed blades for cutting paper, and the blades can be important components on the hydraulic paper cutting machine equipment, and their sharpness and service life will greatly affect the efficiency of the hydraulic paper cutting machine. So it is necessary to carry out safe operation and safe selection in order to obtain a good paper cutter.

When selecting the blade material, the blade should be made of high-speed steel, while the blade body can be made of low-carbon steel. The reason for choosing high-speed steel as the blade is because the blade is the main cutting area for paper, and this part has sufficient strength to ensure work efficiency.

Secondly, the cutting tool material of the hydraulic paper cutting machine should be judged based on the type of paper to be cut. Different materials will definitely have different cutting efficiency for different types of paper.

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