The running efficiency of cutter how to quickly improve!
Date:2022-11-24 Source: Dapeng Machinery Size:Larger  Normal  Samll

Improving the efficiency of the paper cutting machine can be achieved from three aspects: workshop operation coordination process, departmental coordination, and workshop reward and punishment assessment system. Specific management and operation measures have been optimized and designed, improving the operating efficiency of the paper cutting machine and achieving significant economic benefits. Next, let's follow the editor to have a detailed understanding!

1: Workshop operation coordination process

The paper cutting machine is equipped with one main operator, one deputy operator, and one backup roller worker for each machine. The team leader is mainly responsible for coordinating the supply and allocation of various materials.

1. Sanitation and problem resolution

After the main operator takes over the shift, they should undergo hygiene treatment, especially dust blowing work. They should carefully check the wear of the longitudinal knife, the size and number of paper slits, and confirm that there are no errors before starting production. Focus on observing the operation of the suction box in the paper stacking section. If uneven suction is found in the paper stacking section, the air pressure at the paper head of the suction box should be increased in a timely manner. When the paper can smoothly pass through the paper stacking section, the paper pressing wheel of the paper stacking section should be moved forward to a reasonable position in a timely manner. Gradually increase the speed to around 300m/min and observe if there are any creases, uneven paper sorting, or paper tampering in the paper sorting section. After adjusting to normal, the paper cutting machine can maintain a stable speed of 300m/min for continuous production according to this setting. The deputy operator can cooperate with the main operator to replace the pallet in a timely manner (currently, the paper cutting machine has the function of changing pallets without stopping).

Paper cutting machine

2. Overall work coordination

4 backup rollers, plus 2 main and auxiliary operators. When multiple paper cutting machines are working at the same time, the team leader coordinates the personnel and adopts the multi person paper guiding method, which can transfer personnel to each other without affecting the normal production of other units to improve production efficiency.

3. Configure a paper picker who can check the quality

If there are paper defects such as folds and streaks in the later stage, the paper picker can communicate with the main operator in a timely manner and make adjustments to achieve both production and quality control. This is an important part of completing the overall improvement of the workshop. In addition, it is necessary to use the training time for operational skills training, discuss problems and solutions that arise during the production process, avoid similar problems from happening again, and improve work efficiency.

Paper cutting machine

2: Interdepartmental coordination

The improvement of the operating efficiency of the paper cutting machine requires mutual cooperation and coordination among various departments, to maximize their work efficiency, and to make their due contributions to the company's safety production, cost reduction, and efficiency increase. The measures for mutual coordination among departments include three aspects:

1. When a power outage or circuit malfunction causes a shutdown, the circuit department should respond quickly and promptly dispatch personnel to troubleshoot and repair the circuit malfunction, in order to reduce the impact of power outage on production time;

2. Communicate with the sales department in advance to increase the number of paper orders, which can improve the quality of paper cutting and packaging efficiency, reduce the total replacement time and packaging costs of the paper cutting machine;

3. The material supply department should ensure sufficient supply of production materials to prevent normal production from being affected by insufficient material supply. Therefore, improving the operational efficiency of the paper cutting machine requires unity and cooperation among various positions to reduce time waste and comprehensive power consumption, so as to achieve a qualitative improvement in the gross profit per ton of paper.

3: Workshop reward and punishment assessment system

If there is a reasonable reward and punishment assessment system in the workshop, it can fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of all personnel, and provide