Briefly: the reformation of program-controlled paper cutter
Date:2022-11-26 Source: Dapeng Machinery Size:Larger  Normal  Samll

Advantages of Programmed Paper Cutting Machine Transformation:

Programmable paper cutting machine

1. Program controlled paper cutting machine will be renovated first, and then paid: a contract can be signed to relieve your worries!

2. The program-controlled paper cutting machine has high accuracy: after transformation, the repeated positioning accuracy reaches 0.01mm, which is better than the national A-level standard.

3. Large screen LCD display: Display more content, with clear current position, front and rear dimensions, etc.

4. Full Chinese operation menu: Easy to learn and operate, allowing you to understand and learn at a glance.

5. The transformation cost of the programmable paper cutting machine is low: the performance to price ratio of the programmable system is very high, which can save you valuable funds.

6. High efficiency of programmable paper cutting machine: computer controlled locator automatically moves forward, backward, and high-precision positioning, greatly improving efficiency.

7. Eliminating gaps and many other high-tech technologies: The computer fully automatically eliminates the "frame size" produced due to wear and tear on the screw.

8. Low labor intensity: The product can be placed on the workbench and all operations can be completed at once before being placed on the workbench, without the need to move back and forth due to positioning difficulties.

9. Smart computer program control system: With teaching programming function, you don't even need to learn programming. As long as you operate according to your past work style, the computer will record your operations and automatically generate work programs, which is convenient, easy to learn, and easy to use beyond your imagination!

The above is our company's introduction to the programmable paper cutting machine. If you want to learn more information, please feel free to call.