Dapeng printing machine tells you how to correctly operate the paper cutter
Date:2022-10-20 Source: Dapeng Machinery Size:Larger  Normal  Samll

The operating procedures for paper cutting machines are basically very clear and clear when you search on Baidu. Many manufacturers have shared the process for paper cutting machines, and most of the processes are similar. The editor has compiled a detailed and specific operating process here and shared it with everyone as a reference. We hope to provide convenience for later operation. If there are any areas that are not detailed, You can also directly contact our personnel for inquiries:

Paper cutting machine

1. Operators must be familiar with the performance and safety points of the paper cutting machine, and pass the exam before operating the paper cutting machine.

2. Before going to work, operators must wear work clothes, tighten their sleeves, prohibit long hair, wear slippers, skirts, and jewelry to operate the machine.

3. Before starting each machine, first check whether the photoelectric protection switch of the paper cutting machine is normal and reliable. First, test the empty knife three times and observe if there is any knife return. If it is found to be abnormal, it is strictly prohibited to switch on and off. Professional personnel should repair it before use.

4. Before starting the machine, fill all lubrication points with labeled lubricating oil. It is necessary to pay attention to the surrounding environment and whether anyone is carrying out other maintenance work on the machine.

5. Check the machine operation, centralized lubrication system, emergency stop buttons in all parts, and safety devices for normal operation.

6. It is strictly prohibited to place tools and other objects (such as steel rulers, wrenches, screwdrivers) on the top of the paper cutting machine

7. When installing or disassembling the paper cutting blade, manual operation should be used. The switch can only be turned to the switch position after the main motor is completely stopped. It is strictly prohibited to touch and change the blade.

8. When adjusting the depth of the adhesive strip on the paper cutter, the paper cutter should be raised first, and then the depth of the adhesive strip should be carefully adjusted from shallow to deep.

9. After the blade edge is blunt, the blade should be replaced immediately and cannot be used again to avoid excessive machine load and damage to the components.

10. The pressure adjustment of the paper cutting machine's press should not exceed 60kg/cm2. (Usually around 45 is enough).