If there is a paper weight of program-controlled paper cutter failure, how to eliminate and solve
Date:2022-12-13 Source: Dapeng Machinery Size:Larger  Normal  Samll

The programmable paper cutting machine is controlled by a computer, with high efficiency, precision, safety, and reliability. The editor of this article will first take everyone to understand how to troubleshoot and solve the malfunction of the paper press of the programmable paper cutting machine during use:

Programmable paper cutting machine

1、 The paper press is not parallel to the workbench. Solution: Adjust the eccentric shaft of the paper press to make it parallel.

2、 The paper press rack collides with the pusher rack. Solution: Adjust the left and right positions of the paper press to make it staggered.

3、 There is an abnormal sound when the paper press is pressed down. The oil level in the fuel tank is insufficient, causing air to enter the oil circuit. Solution: Refuel as required.

4、 The paper press cannot be pressed in place.

1. The pressure spring inside the hydraulic cylinder is damaged or there is a leak or blockage in the oil circuit. Solution: Eliminate oil leakage from the solenoid valve and replace the pressure spring inside the small oil cylinder.

2. The position of the proximity limit switch is incorrect. Solution: Adjust the proximity limit switch.

5、 The paper feeder does not rebound properly, resulting in the paper feeder not operating as required.

1. The proximity switch on the paper press track is not working properly. Solution: Adjust the solution switch.

2. The pressure spring inside the hydraulic cylinder is damaged or the return oil of the hydraulic cylinder is not smooth. Solution: Check the working condition of the pressure spring.

3. The rebound force of the paper press is not enough. Solution: Adjust the tension of the reset tension spring.

4. The swing rod on the hydraulic cylinder is not flexible. Solution: Check the relevant moving parts and eliminate jamming.

The above is mainly an introduction to the relevant information of the programmable paper cutting machine. If you want to learn more, please feel free to contact us at any time.