Program-controlled paper cutter knife bed safety pin the analysis of the causes of cracking
Date:2023-01-12 Source: Dapeng Machinery Size:Larger  Normal  Samll

The programmable paper cutting machine is used for printing supporting equipment. The programmable paper cutting machine can automatically position and achieve automatic cutting in equidistant cutting. It can also achieve automatic feeding of paper to the cutting edge after cutting, with high safety. The reasons for the cracking of the secure pin of the programmable paper cutting machine cutter bed can be roughly divided into the following two aspects:

QZYK1370D-8 Programmable Paper Cutting Machine.jpg

1. From the perspective of size display and positioning of the paper pusher, it can be further divided into digital paper cutting machines and programmable paper cutting machines (pure mechanical structure paper cutting machines generally have steel rulers embedded on the table, and the control of the paper pusher is the same as that of digital paper cutting machines).

2. The clutches of the paper pressing mechanism and the cutting mechanism are both hydraulically driven, also known as full hydraulic or dual hydraulic paper cutting machines. Double guide rail quantity paper cutting machine: Fully hydraulic or double hydraulic paper cutting machine has greater cutting force, which has obvious advantages when cutting high-density materials. The clutch is not easy to slip and does not need to adjust the clearance of the clutch frequently.