Hydraulic program-controlled paper cutter if there is a leak phenomenon, how to carry out repairs?
Date:2023-01-14 Source: Dapeng Machinery Size:Larger  Normal  Samll

The hydraulic programmable paper cutting machine controls the operation of the cutting knife through the operation of hydraulic oil. Its paper press can be set with hydraulic driving force through a microcomputer program, with constant pressure and more stable cutting. It can automatically and accurately complete actions such as pushing, pressing, and cutting. Generally speaking, after a long period of use, most hydraulic programmable paper cutting machines may experience oil leakage. Although hydraulic programmable paper cutting machines can work normally when there is an oil leakage fault, oil leakage from hydraulic programmable paper cutting machines can increase fuel consumption and cause waste. So, if there is an oil leak, how should we repair it? The following are the maintenance methods that the editor has summarized, and I hope they can help you:

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1. It is necessary to replace the skeleton oil seals, resin oil seals, and other parts of the hydraulic valve, which can solve the oil leakage problem after replacement.

2. Of course, many users still experience oil leakage in the hydraulic program-controlled paper cutting machine after replacement, which has not achieved the expected solution effect. This is mainly due to the substandard quality of the replaced sealing rings. These substandard sealing rings are mainly due to deterioration and aging caused by too long storage time. Therefore, replacing these sealing rings can easily cause the hydraulic program-controlled paper cutting machine to leak again, This affects the sealing effect of the paper cutting machine. Therefore, when replacing its sealing ring, attention should be paid to the quality of the sealing ring to avoid repeated oil leakage problems.