Paper cutter is how to influence the cutting quality
Date:2023-02-09 Source: Dapeng Machinery Size:Larger  Normal  Samll

Generally speaking, the smaller the blade angle of a paper cutting machine, the sharper the blade appears, resulting in higher cutting accuracy. Moreover, a smaller blade angle reduces the workload of the tool holder, reduces machine wear and electricity consumption. In fact, the smaller the blade angle of the paper cutting machine, the better, and there are no drawbacks. If the blade is too small, it is extremely easy to be worn and damaged, especially when cutting some hard and thick paper, which can easily cause the blade to bend and damage the blade. Therefore, through years of experience, the paper making Dapeng printing machine has learned that a 22 ° blade angle is more suitable. For some special harder materials, a 24 °/22 ° double bevel blade is used, which is beneficial for cutting accuracy.

Paper cutting machine

The function of the knife pad on the paper cutting machine is to protect the blade and cut off the "bottom paper". Experience has shown that often with the installation of new blades and pads, the quality of the paper cut by the first knife is not good, which may lead to uneven bottom edges and even the tendency to cut continuously. Therefore, this requires the knife pad to have good flatness. Knife marks can also determine the flatness of the edges of the cutting paper, and usually the paper cut with a depth of no less than 0.5mm is relatively flat. Due to the fact that the blade and blade pad on the paper cutter will not remain straight, in order to ensure uniform cutting of the base paper, appropriate paper strips will be placed on the back of the blade pad to achieve the desired "cutting" effect.