How to program a paper cutter?
Date:2023-02-11 Source: Dapeng Machinery Size:Larger  Normal  Samll

The reason why programmable paper cutting machines are more popular than ordinary paper cutting machines is mainly because they have two functions: program control and digital display. The latter's digital display not only displays the numerical values during the operation of the paper cutting machine, but also allows users to timely understand various internal states of the paper cutting machine, facilitating user operation and correction. The program control function seems relatively simple, which is to use a preset computer program to control the paper cutting machine and complete the preset paper cutting machine process. But to delve deeper into this function, one of the challenges is programming. So how do you program a paper cutter?

Paper cutting machine

Ordinary programming is basically done by programmers, but paper cutting machines are different because the requirements and processes of paper cutting machines are unknown to programmers, and paper cutting machine operators who know this process often have limited knowledge of programming. Therefore, there are various difficulties in presetting the paper cutter.

With the increasing use of paper cutters in the future, a solution has been proposed for manufacturers, which is to collect the operating procedures of paper cutters currently on the market and standardize them into a complete set. Therefore, the operator of the paper cutting machine can directly select the desired program in a standalone operation without the need for actual editing of the program.