Are you still hesitating about how to choose a paper cutter
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Paper cutting machines are essential processing equipment for printing enterprises. How to choose and what precautions to pay attention to when choosing them? The editor's purchasing guide takes you to avoid pitfalls and avoid getting lost when choosing paper cutting machines.

1、 Work efficiency

The efficiency of paper cutting machines is an aspect that printing companies consider more when choosing paper cutting machines. In this regard, microcomputer controlled paper cutting machines are superior to general paper cutting machines. The paper pusher of a general paper cutting machine relies on buttons and handwheels for fine adjustment when moving forward and backward, resulting in high labor intensity and low work efficiency. The microcomputer controlled paper cutting machine has been programmed to optimize the cutting process and improve work efficiency.

2、 Cutting accuracy

While pursuing work efficiency, users also require faster cutting speed to produce products with higher dimensional accuracy. So, currently, the higher consumption paper cutting machines in China have adopted ball screw and linear guide rails. Its characteristics are smooth transmission, high positioning accuracy, and small accumulated errors. It does not need to adjust the movement clearance for long-term operation, and eliminates the problem of affecting cutting accuracy due to different wear levels of the screw and guide rails after using them for a period of time.

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3、 Mechanical structure

The early mechanical paper cutting machines used spring pressure for paper pressing and slider type structure for paper pushing, which was relatively simple in structure and debugging and repair. However, the paper pressing pressure was low and the cutting accuracy was poor, which could not meet the requirements of high level printing for paper cutting accuracy, let alone the requirements of packaging printing products. At present, some mechanical manufacturers in China also produce double guide paper cutting machines, but their overall structure and performance are not as good as the paper cutting machines and applicability of Bora Company. The paper cutting machine with dual guide rail structure is very difficult to adjust accuracy, and the cost of replacing the guide rail after wear is expensive, but this equipment has high operating accuracy. The paper cutting machine with dovetail groove structure has simple and convenient precision adjustment, and only needs to replace the stopper iron after wear, but the accuracy is slightly lower. When choosing a paper cutting machine, printing companies should choose a double guide rail paper cutting machine or a dovetail groove paper cutting machine based on their own needs and the actual situation of the products to be processed.

4、 Safety

The paper cutting machine is different from other mechanical products and belongs to a four level risk machine with extremely high risk levels. When selecting paper cutting machine products, it is necessary to focus on investigating their safety and reliability. If there is an anti drop device on the paper cutter and paper press; Can a fully locked safety cover be installed at the moving parts to avoid personnel damage caused by accidental breakage of the components; Is there an infrared electronic control system and electronic safety knife lock during the operation of the cutting knife to indicate the safe range.

5、 Energy consumption comparison

The same model of paper cutting machine also needs to be compared in terms of overall operating power. The size of motor power is not only related to power consumption. Due to the precision collaboration in the process of machine manufacturing and assembly, it is necessary to choose a high-power electric motor, which is actually an unavoidable method during mechanical processing and assembly.

6、 Cutting blade angle

Selection of cutting blade angle. This is a very important part of cutting work. A good paper cutter needs to be equipped with good blades and sharpening techniques. But many paper cutter users often overlook this, resulting in the blade being sharpened square