Maintenance Methods for CNC Paper Cutting Machine Faults
Date:2022-07-30 Source: Dapeng Machinery Size:Larger  Normal  Samll

The maintenance methods for CNC paper cutting machine faults are as follows:

Fault 1: The cutting blade does not return to the highest point after cutting.

Reason: Excessive clutch clearance or worn friction plates.

Repair: Adjust the clearance of the clutch or replace the friction plate.

Fault 2: The safety bolt is broken.

Reason: The blade edge is worn and the load is too high.

Repair: Grinding blade.

Fault 3: Insufficient pressure in the paper press.

Reason: The hydraulic oil concentration is too high.

Repair: Replace hydraulic oil with low concentration.

Fault 4: Unable to cut all the paper open.

Reason: The blade has not been adjusted to the horizontal position, and the blade is uneven.

Repair: Adjust the position of the blade and level the blade.

Fault 5: The cut paper is skewed.

Reason: The paper was not aligned with the paper pusher, and the paper press was not pressed tightly.

Repair: Align the paper with the paper feeder and increase the pressure on the paper feeder.

Fault 6: The paper cut has knife marks.

Reason: The blade is defective.

Repair: Grinding the blade edge.

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