Paper cutter in the choose and buy, it is necessary to pay attention to what problem
Date:2022-02-12 Source: Dapeng Machinery Size:Larger  Normal  Samll

Nowadays, looking at the development of China's paper cutting machine industry, it can be said that it is changing rapidly, especially in terms of technology and performance. Domestic paper cutting machines are similar to imported paper cutting machines. In the market, among many paper cutting machine industries, how to choose has become a concern for everyone. So, what specific issues should be paid attention to when choosing?

Paper cutting machine

Cutting is an important aspect of post-processing in digital printing, starting with the cutting of paper. Like traditional printing, digital printing also requires the use of a paper cutter to cut paper or finished products into the required size and shape. At present, there are various paper cutting machines on the market, both manual and computer-controlled fully automatic. The cutting specifications of single sided knife paper cutting machines are mostly between 52 and 150cm. Generally speaking, it is appropriate to select a paper cutter with a cutting width of 78cm for digital printing. If possible, a computer-controlled paper cutter can be selected to better cooperate with digital printing, because it can store a certain amount of data. In this way, if you want to cut the live parts that have been processed again, you only need to call out the original program from the computer, which can fully save the time of machine adjustment. In the use of a paper cutter, in order to maintain the sharpness of the blade and extend the service life of the paper cutter, the thickness of the paper cut at a time should not exceed 40mm, and the pressure of the paper cutter on the paper should also be appropriate. Generally, softer paper requires more pressure, while harder materials require relatively less pressure.

It is crucial to maintain the sharpness of the blade when using a computer paper cutter. It is important to maintain and use the blade correctly. Once the blade becomes dull, it should be reground, otherwise it will affect the cutting accuracy. In addition, it is important to maintain an ambient temperature of 19-23 ℃ and a relative humidity of 50%. Under such conditions, the characteristics of the paper are relatively stable, which is conducive to the correct use and maintenance of the paper cutting machine, as the determination of many cutting parameters depends on the processed paper.