Do you know how to operation, the paper cutter is right?
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With the continuous development of printing technology, paper cutting machine technology is constantly changing, with unprecedented improvements in speed, accuracy, and automation level. This article mainly shares with you how to operate a paper cutting machine:

780D-8 paper cutting machine

1. The safety grounding wire should be connected.

2. The electromagnetic clutch is the power transmission of the carbon brush. The cutting worker should check the wear and power transmission of the carbon brush before going to work.

3. Pay attention to frequently adding oil to the paper pushing screw position, and if possible, investigate the clearance of the screw nut every quarter.

4. The paper pushing system is a slotless double guide rail, which is not easy to tilt or shift from left to right. However, it should also be noted that there should be no significant impact force on the paper pushing device.

5. Two hand linkage button. When cutting paper, it is necessary to keep both hands on the lower knife switch and not release it until the blade stops moving and the paper press returns to the high position. Only then can the two hand switch be released. The starting point of this design is to protect the safety of the operator, in line with the people-oriented design concept.

6. The paper cutting transmission system of the paper cutting machine adopts electromagnetic clutch and gear reduction transmission. Usually, it is important to keep the gearbox clean. If any paper scraps fall in, they should be cleaned in a timely manner.

7. The knife back pull rod has been strengthened in design. For the upper end, the rail bushing adopts oil-free bearings (copper based embedded composite bearings, which can withstand a large load without oil, and copper is centrifugally cast and processed, with a hardness of hb245 and won't bite!). Maintenance is simple, as long as lubricating oil is occasionally added from the knife back pin shaft (with the oil nozzle at the back). The lower pull rod adopts powder metallurgy bushing and a drip type oil cup, which has a long service life, Large bearing capacity.

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