Dual display paper cutter is how display failure
Date:2020-04-29 Source: Dapeng Machinery Size:Larger  Normal  Samll

In paper cutting machine products, there is a type of digital display paper cutting machine called double digit display. This is not actually a very new product, but an additional display data is added to the digital display paper cutting machine to achieve dual line monitoring of the internal operation of the paper cutting machine. This double-sided display paper machine has a digital display function, and once the digital display function appears, it will lose its characteristics and be unpopular. We need to attach great importance to this aspect.

Generally speaking, when the Paper Cuttings machine breaks down, most users will focus on the mechanical aspect, because this aspect often has a great impact on the performance of the machine and is easy to find. But the difference between double-sided display paper cutting machines is that their digital display system is relatively old, so if digital display data is not displayed, half of it has nothing to do with mechanical components.

To identify the root cause of such problems, one can actually start with the graphics card and data cable. Although the data cable can also be said to be a mechanical component, combining with the graphics card is actually a problem with the entire digital display system. Therefore, from this perspective, dealing with digital display faults in dual digital paper machines is relatively easy, mainly due to a certain understanding of computers.