Program-controlled paper cutter knife Angle selection importance analysis
Date:2020-04-23 Source: Dapeng Machinery Size:Larger  Normal  Samll

For a programmable paper cutting machine, we may encounter that its cutting paper does not meet the requirements, but the cutting blade and its paper press have good working performance, but their planes are not vertical enough. This will create an arc-shaped concave shape in the middle of its cutting surface, causing a distance difference of 1-5 millimeters between the middle and upper and lower lengths.

When the performance of the programmable paper cutting machine is good, if its cutting surface is curved, it may be due to the improper blade angle of the cutting blade. In the actual operation process, if the ordinary offset paper that should have been cut is replaced with copper coated paper, but the cutting knife is not replaced, the blade angle will be inappropriate, and therefore the size of the paper cut will not be suitable. But when we replaced the cutting knife, the paper it cut was normal again. At the same time, after measurement, we found that there is only a difference of 2 degrees in the blade angle between these two types of knives, but the difference in the size of the paper they cut is more obvious. This also indicates that in programmable paper cutting machines, the selection of blade angle is closely related to the quality of the products they cut.