Dapeng printing machine will teach you how to correctly choose and buy paper cutter
Date:2022-10-18 Source: Dapeng Machinery Size:Larger  Normal  Samll

Paper cutting machine is a traditional product used to handle the paper cutting needs in the later stage of printing. From mechanical paper cutting machines to tape controlled paper cutting machines, and to cutting systems with microcomputer programming, color display, full image operation guidance visualization processing, and computer-aided external programming and editing of production data, production preparation time is shorter, cutting accuracy is higher, labor intensity is lower, and operation is safer. So there are so many manufacturers of paper cutting machines on the market, how do we choose to avoid thunder? Below, let me share with you some information about the selection and purchase of paper cutting machines, hoping to provide you with some reference and reference:

Paper cutting machine

1. Security

Is there an anti fall device for the paper cutter and paper press; Is there a fully enclosed safety cover installed at the moving parts to prevent accidental breakage of components and personal injury; Is there an electronic control system (such as an electronic knife lock) during the operation of the paper cutting machine to indicate the safe range.

2. Mechanical structure

The paper cutting machine with dual guide rail structure is very troublesome in adjusting accuracy, and the cost of replacing the guide rail after wear is relatively expensive. The paper cutting machine with a dovetail groove structure has a simple and convenient adjustment accuracy. Once wear occurs during use, only the stopper iron needs to be replaced.

3. Work efficiency and cutting accuracy

The paper pusher of mechanical and hydraulic paper cutting machines relies on buttons and handwheels to control the forward and backward operations. Compared to other machines, the operator's labor intensity is relatively high and the efficiency is low. The programmable paper cutting machine improves work efficiency by optimizing the cutting process.

4. After sales service

A good manufacturer will consider whether they can provide customers with satisfactory service and technical support in a short period of time in the distribution of after-sales service outlets. The service quality from pre-sales, during sales to after-sales is a concrete manifestation of the comprehensive capabilities of paper cutting machine manufacturers.