Paper cutter production requirements of the enterprise
Date:2021-05-10 Source: Dapeng Machinery Size:Larger  Normal  Samll

Production requirements for paper cutting machine enterprises

This article is applicable to paper cutting machine production enterprises that use program control, cutting flat paper and other soft materials similar to paper.

Basic requirements that enterprises should possess

1、 Design and development

3D design software should be used for modeling, simulation, and motion analysis of paper cutting machine product components.

2. It should have the R&D ability to adopt modular design to meet the personalized needs of customers.

3. It should have a field bus and network communication interface, with communication protocols such as TCP/IP and MODEL BUS available for users to choose from, and should provide a communication format for user data.

2、 Raw materials

The steel should be provided by the supplier with a raw material testing report or quality assurance certificate.

The slider should be made of ZCuSn10Pb1 in GB/T 1176 or a material with equivalent strength and wear resistance.

The surface hardness of the 3 cutting edges should reach 60 HRC to 64 HRC, and materials that comply with GB/T 9943, such as W18Cr4V, should be selected.

4. The body should be made of cast iron material with mechanical properties not lower than HT250 in GB/T 9439 and undergo aging treatment.

3、 Process and equipment

Key components such as the machine body, workbench, cutterbed, and paper press should be processed using a machining center with an accuracy of no less than 0.02 mm.

2. It should be equipped with tooling that is compatible with key components such as the body, workbench, cutterbed, and paper press.

4、 Inspection and testing

1. Inspection and testing equipment such as dynamic balance testing equipment, hydraulic pressure system performance testing bench, and pressure tester should be equipped.

2. Key items such as basic parameters, main assembly accuracy, cutting accuracy, safety protection, and electrical quality should be inspected and tested.

5、 Quality Commitment

When a user has a request, the manufacturer should respond within 12 hours and provide a solution within 24 hours.

The main body of the product should have a directional number, which can be traced back to the production workshop and upstream suppliers in case of quality problems.