How to deal with paper cutter in the use of the fault in the process of problem
Date:2022-04-19 Source: Dapeng Machinery Size:Larger  Normal  Samll

With the continuous growth of printing technology, the paper cutting machine technology has made remarkable progress in terms of speed, accuracy, and proactivity. So, what should we do when the paper cutter malfunctions? The editor of this article will share with you how to handle the malfunction problem of the paper cutting machine during use:

1. The problem with the tooth hanging spring column: This is mainly due to the excessive tension of the tooth hanging spring designed by the machine, which will cause friction between the tooth pulling spring and the hanging spring column. Over time, some movable sleeves that are stuck in the spring will wear out. If the parts of the paper cutting machine are not replaced in a timely manner, it will have a serious impact. When replacing the screw, it is necessary to remove and remove the sector plate with broken wires as required.

2. Air valve problem: The main problem presented is that paper scraps and dust enter the air valve sleeve, resulting in a decrease in air intake and obstructed pasting. In such a situation, it is only necessary to clear the accumulated materials in the machine. However, the cause of the damage may not necessarily be due to inspiration infarction, but it may also be due to improper disassembly and improper methods, resulting in damage to the valve sleeve. In advocating for open source and throttling, the purchase of gas valves costs tens of thousands of yuan and should be taken seriously. The correct disassembly method for an air valve is to remove it from the machine's working position, place one end of the valve body on one side of the jaw, and the other end of the screw against the front mouth. The main purpose of this is to increase the contact area of the screw, avoid breaking the valve sleeve, and also facilitate the removal of the circlip.