The analysis of the causes of paper cutter occurrence collapse edge
Date:2022-04-21 Source: Dapeng Machinery Size:Larger  Normal  Samll

The paper cutting machine was developed out of people's need for paper cutting speed and efficiency. The cutting speed and efficiency of paper have been greatly improved, and it has also saved a large number of labor costs for specialized paper cutting. With the increasing application rate of paper cutting machines in the market, problems with paper cutting machines have also arisen. Next, I will share with you the reasons for the blade breakage of paper cutting machines:

Paper cutting machine

The selection of blade grinding angle, the quality of blade grinding, and the grinding gap time of the blade affect the flatness and smoothness of the paper cutting edge. Generally, the blade angle is 19 °. If the paper being cut is relatively hard, it is necessary to increase the blade angle. To improve the quality of blade grinding, it is necessary to ensure sufficient coolant during blade grinding to avoid edge annealing.

Before cutting, the blade can be finely polished with an oilstone and coated with soap and paraffin. This not only improves the sharpness and smoothness of the blade, but also prolongs its service life, resulting in better quality finished products.

The reason for the occurrence of blade breakage in actual operation is that the operator has shortened the grinding time and insufficient coolant, causing the edge to anneal and narrow the width. During installation, it is necessary to adjust the nut to make the blade cut into the cushion strip. If the nut is not adjusted properly and the cutting depth is too deep, it will cause blade breakage.