Take two minutes you know: fully automatic cutting tangent
Date:2022-10-08 Source: Dapeng Machinery Size:Larger  Normal  Samll

The fully automatic cutting line is composed of equipment such as elevators, paper cutting machines, microcomputer controlled paper cutting machines, and intelligent fully automatic paper unloading machines. It can automatically complete the loading, unloading, sorting, handling, stacking and other tasks of various accumulated papers. It has the characteristics of high production efficiency, low labor intensity, short auxiliary work time, and reduced production costs. We can provide users with the design and manufacturing of cutting production line equipment with various specifications and combinations.

The intelligent fully automatic paper unloading machine series has the function of automatically identifying the size and position of the paper pile, automatically feeding and unloading paper, and can quickly transport various texture cutting products to the predetermined position and automatically unload them from the workbench to the base at the predetermined height. The entire process of paper feeding and unloading is accurate and efficient, reducing labor intensity, improving labor efficiency, and improving work accuracy.