Paper cutter is how to practice
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The paper cutter is a traditional product, which is used to deal with the needs of Paper Cuttings after printing. From mechanical cutting machines to adhesive tapes, it has developed into a cutting system with controllable cutting machines, microcomputer program control, color display, full image operation guide visualization, and computer-aided external programming and editing of production data, shortening production preparation time, improving cutting accuracy, reducing labor intensity, and making operations safer. The editor of this article has compiled some information on how paper cutting machines are made, hoping to provide some help to everyone.

Paper cutting machine

1. A high-precision and high rigidity double guide frame type paper feeding mechanism, equipped with linear guide rails and high-precision seamless ball screw, ensures paper feeding accuracy.

2. Touch computer display adopts AU products from Taiwan, China, China, with high sensitivity, stable performance and durability.

3. The operation screen of the computer adopts a humanized design, and programming methods such as equal division, equal distance, and circular size can be easily completed through touch screen operation. The use, input, and program functions of the computer are simple and intuitive to operate.

4. On the screen, there is a dynamic display of the detection switch status for each operating link of the machine, which provides great convenience for troubleshooting common faults and saves time and money costs for customers and manufacturers of paper cutting machines.

5. The computer controller is powered by a switching power supply to ensure power stability, avoid damage to the computer control section caused by high power temperature, and ensure the service life of the entire machine.

6. The main low-voltage control parts of the entire machine are all imported electrical appliances, including world brands such as OMRON, LG, TOSHIBA, Schneider, EATON, etc.

7. The hydraulic part adopts a fast boosting system, and the pressure meets the German TUV safety certification. It adopts a German proportional valve and can be adjusted through a touch screen.

8. The dual hydraulic system (optional) has greater cutting force and obvious advantages when cutting materials with higher cutting density. The clutch is not prone to slipping and does not require frequent adjustment of the clutch clearance.

9. The built-in blade safety structure imported from Germany and the far-infrared safety grating protection produced by AB company in Switzerland meet the EU safety level, ensuring smooth operation of the machinery and the personal safety of the operator.

10. The efficient worm gear transmission structure improves work efficiency, resulting in a cutting frequency of up to 45 times per minute.

11. The AC servo control method ensures the positioning accuracy and fast operation of the paper feeder; The positioning accuracy can reach ± 0.025- ± 0.015mm, and the paper pushing speed can reach 16-30mm/min.

12. The important components of the entire machine, such as the body, hydraulic oil tank, paper pusher, paper press, etc., adopt a rare vertical machining process in the industry, greatly reducing the deformation of the components and ensuring the accuracy of the entire machine after assembly.

13. The gantry structure of the body is more convenient for users to install and adjust.

The above is our company's introduction to the paper cutting machine. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us at any time.