The safety of the fully automatic paper cutter used how regulations?
Date:2022-04-12 Source: Dapeng Machinery Size:Larger  Normal  Samll

With the rapid development of the social economy, the use of fully automatic paper cutting machine equipment is becoming increasingly common in various industries. Therefore, for manufacturers, how to regulate the safe use of fully automatic paper cutting machines is something that every operator must deeply understand. This article focuses on this topic and shares with everyone, hoping to provide some help:

Fully automatic paper cutting machine

1. Before preparing to operate the fully automatic paper cutting machine, it is necessary to perform maintenance on the relevant components before starting up.

2. During maintenance and inspection of the paper cutting machine, it is necessary to lock and power off the machine to avoid injury caused by someone mistakenly starting it.

3. Before preparing for work, it is recommended to check whether the protection switch is normal. It is recommended to test the empty knife first and proceed with the work process if there are no problems.

4. The staff operating the paper cutting machine must have the working performance and safety measures of the digital paper cutting machine, and must pass the practical operation before they can take up their posts.

5. The clothing requirements for the operators of the paper cutting machine are strict, and risky items such as long hair, accessories, and skirts are prohibited.

6. It is prohibited to put your arm into the knife door after turning on the power. If a malfunction occurs, it is strictly prohibited to tear it with your hands. You should choose to stop the machine immediately and check it after it is stable.

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