Hydraulic paper cutter manufacturers
Date:2020-08-28 Source: Dapeng Machinery Size:Larger  Normal  Samll

Recently, paper cutting machine manufacturers have developed a new type of dual hydraulic computerized paper cutting machine based on existing hydraulic paper cutting machines and computerized paper cutting machines. Compared with traditional hydraulic paper cutting machines and computer paper cutting machines, this paper cutting machine is new and combines the advantages of both, and is equipped with a dual hydraulic system.

Generally speaking, when it comes to dual systems, people's impression of them is usually more complex operations and more accurate results, which means that dual hydraulic computerized paper cutting machines may present more complex operating processes to obtain more accurate cutting products. But in reality, this is completely different. The dual hydraulic computer paper cutting machine is equipped with a computer control system while loading the dual hydraulic system. That is to say, the entire operation process is controlled by a computer, so the process will not be more complex but only simpler.

The hydraulic system itself is the source of force applied by the paper cutting machine, so it can clearly reflect one advantage of the dual hydraulic system, that is, strong shear force can bring better cutting effect. This is also the main difference between a dual hydraulic computer paper cutter and a regular paper cutter.